Mutual Fund Families - A

ABR Dynamic Funds LLC
AC ONE Asset Management LLC
AEGON USA Investment Management LLC
AEW Capital Management LP
AGF Investments America Inc
AGF Investments LLC
AH Lisanti Capital Growth LLC
AINN Holding LLC
ALM First Financial Advisors
ALPS Advisors Inc
AQR Capital Management LLC
ARK Investment Management LLC
Abbey Capital Limited
Aberdeen Asset Mgmt (Aberdeen Standard)
Aberdeen Standard Inv ETFs Adv LLC
Absolute Capital Management LLC
Absolute Investment Advisers LLC
Acadian Asset Management LLC
Accrued Equities Inc
Acquirers Funds LLC
Active Weighting Advisors LLC
Acuitas Investments LLC
Adalta Capital Management LLC
Adams Asset Investors LLC
Adirondack Research & Management Inc
Adler Asset Management LLC
Advanced Asset Management Advisors Inc
AdvisorOne Funds
AdvisorShares Investments LLC
Advisors Asset Management Inc
Advisors Preferred LLC
Advisory Research Inc
Aegis Financial Corporation
Akre Capital Management LLC
Alambic Investment Management LP
AllianceBernstein LP
Allianz Global Investors
Allied Asset Advisors Inc
AlphaCentric Advisors LLC
AlphaCore Capital LLC
AlphaMark Advisors LLC
AlphaOne Investment Services LLC
Alpine Investment Management LLC
Alta Capital Management LLC
Altair Advisers LLC
Altegris Advisors LLC
America First Capital Management LLC
American Beacon Advisors Inc
American Century Investment Mgmt Inc
American Funds
American Independence Financial Svcs LLC
American Money Management LLC
American Trust Investment Advisors LLC
Amplify Investments LLC
Anchor Capital Management Group LLC
Ancora Advisors LLC
Anfield Capital Management LLC
Angel Oak Capital Advisors LLC
Aperture Investors LLC
Aptus Capital Advisors LLC
Aquila Investment Management LLC
Arabesque Asset Management Ltd
Archer Investment Corporation
Argent Capital Management LLC
Ariel Investments LLC
Arin Risk Advisors LLC
Aristotle Atlantic Partners LLC
Aristotle Capital Boston LLC
Aristotle Capital Management LLC
Aristotle Credit Partners LLC
Arrow Investment Advisors LLC
Arrowpoint Asset Management LLC
Artisan Partners LP
Ascendant Advisors LLC
Ascendant Capital Management LLC
Ashmore Funds
Aspiration Fund Adviser LLC
Aspiriant LLC
Asset Management Group of Bank of Hawaii
Astor Investment Management LLC
Austin Atlantic Asset Management Co
Auxier Asset Management LLC
Azzad Asset Management Inc

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