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Ticker Symbol Fund Name Share Class Investment Objective
SWMIXLaudus International MarketMasters FundInternational Multi-Cap Growth
LGILXLaudus US Large Cap Growth FundLarge-Cap Growth
SCHKSchwab 1000 Index ETFLarge-Cap Core
SNXFXSchwab 1000 Index FundLarge-Cap Core
SWWXXSchwab AMT Tax-Free Money FundInvestorTax-Exempt Money Market
SWOBXSchwab Balanced FundMixed-Asset Target Allocation Moderate
SWKXXSchwab California Municipal Money FundInvestorCalifornia Tax-Exempt Money Market
SWCAXSchwab California Tax-Free Bond FundCalifornia Intermediate Municipal Debt
SWANXSchwab Core Equity FundMulti-Cap Core
SWDSXSchwab Dividend Equity FundEquity Income
SCHESchwab Emerging Markets Equity ETFEmerging Markets
FNDESchwab Fundamental Emerging Markets Large Company Index ETFEmerging Markets
SFENXSchwab Fundamental Emerging Markets Large Company Index FundEmerging Markets
SFREXSchwab Fundamental Global Real Estate Index FundGlobal Real Estate
FNDFSchwab Fundamental International Large Company Index ETFInternational Multi-Cap Value
SFNNXSchwab Fundamental International Large Company Index FundInternational Multi-Cap Value
FNDCSchwab Fundamental International Small Company Index ETFInternational Small/Mid-Cap Core
SFILXSchwab Fundamental International Small Company Index FundInternational Small/Mid-Cap Core
FNDBSchwab Fundamental US Broad Market Index ETFMulti-Cap Value
FNDXSchwab Fundamental US Large Company Index ETFLarge-Cap Value
SFLNXSchwab Fundamental US Large Company Index FundLarge-Cap Value
FNDASchwab Fundamental US Small Company Index ETFSmall-Cap Core
SFSNXSchwab Fundamental US Small Company Index FundSmall-Cap Core
SWASXSchwab Global Real Estate FundGlobal Real Estate
SNVXXSchwab Government Money FundInvestorU.S. Government Money Market
SWGXXSchwab Government Money FundSweepU.S. Government Money Market
SWHFXSchwab Health Care FundHealth/Biotechnology
SWHEXSchwab Hedged Equity FundAlternative Long/Short Equity
SCHRSchwab Intermediate-Term US Treasury ETFGeneral U.S. Treasury
SICNXSchwab International Core Equity FundInternational Multi-Cap Core
SCHFSchwab International Equity ETFInternational Multi-Cap Core
SWISXSchwab International Index FundInternational Multi-Cap Core
SCHCSchwab International Small-Cap Equity ETFInternational Small/Mid-Cap Growth
SWRXXSchwab Investor Money FundMoney Market Instrument
SWLSXSchwab Large-Cap Growth FundMulti-Cap Core
SWEGXSchwab MarketTrack All Equity PortfolioInvestorsMulti-Cap Core
SWBGXSchwab MarketTrack Balanced PortfolioInvestorMixed-Asset Target Allocation Moderate
SWCGXSchwab MarketTrack Conservative PortfolioInvestorMixed-Asset Target Allocation Moderate
SWHGXSchwab MarketTrack Growth PortfolioInvestorMixed-Asset Target Allocation Growth
SWKRXSchwab Monthly Income Fund -- Enhanced PayoutRetirement Income
SWLRXSchwab Monthly Income Fund -- Maximum PayoutRetirement Income
SWJRXSchwab Monthly Income Fund -- Moderate PayoutRetirement Income
SWTXXSchwab Municipal Money FundInvestorTax-Exempt Money Market
SWOXXSchwab Municipal Money FundUltraTax-Exempt Money Market
SWYXXSchwab New York Municipal Money FundInvestorNew York Tax-Exempt Money Market
SWIXXSchwab Retirement Advantage Money FundMoney Market Instrument
SNRXXSchwab Retirement Government Money FundU.S. Government Money Market
SWPPXSchwab S&P 500 Index FundS&P 500 Index
SWSBXSchwab Short-Term Bond Index FundShort-Investment-Grade Debt
SCHOSchwab Short-Term US Treasury ETFShort U.S. Treasury
SWSCXSchwab Small-Cap Equity FundSmall-Cap Core
SWSSXSchwab Small-Cap Index FundSmall-Cap Core
SWBRXSchwab Target 2010 FundMixed-Asset Target 2010
SWYAXSchwab Target 2010 Index FundMixed-Asset Target 2010
SWGRXSchwab Target 2015 FundMixed-Asset Target 2015
SWYBXSchwab Target 2015 Index FundMixed-Asset Target 2015
SWCRXSchwab Target 2020 FundMixed-Asset Target 2020
SWYLXSchwab Target 2020 Index FundMixed-Asset Target 2020
SWHRXSchwab Target 2025 FundMixed-Asset Target 2025
SWYDXSchwab Target 2025 Index FundMixed-Asset Target 2025
SWDRXSchwab Target 2030 FundMixed-Asset Target 2030
SWYEXSchwab Target 2030 Index FundMixed-Asset Target 2030
SWIRXSchwab Target 2035 FundMixed-Asset Target 2035
SWYFXSchwab Target 2035 Index FundMixed-Asset Target 2035
SWERXSchwab Target 2040 FundMixed-Asset Target 2040
SWYGXSchwab Target 2040 Index FundMixed-Asset Target 2040
SWMRXSchwab Target 2045 FundMixed-Asset Target 2045
SWYHXSchwab Target 2045 Index FundMixed-Asset Target 2045
SWNRXSchwab Target 2050 FundMixed-Asset Target 2050
SWYMXSchwab Target 2050 Index FundMixed-Asset Target 2050
SWORXSchwab Target 2055 FundMixed-Asset Target 2055+
SWYJXSchwab Target 2055 Index FundMixed-Asset Target 2055+
SWNTXSchwab Tax-Free Bond FundIntermediate Municipal Debt
SWTSXSchwab Total Stock Market Index FundMulti-Cap Core
SWRSXSchwab Treasury Inflation Protected Securities Index FundInflation-Protected Bond
SNOXXSchwab Treasury Obligations Money FundInvestorU.S. Treasury Money Market
SCHZSchwab US Aggregate Bond ETFCore Bond
SWAGXSchwab US Aggregate Bond Index FundCore Bond
SCHBSchwab US Broad Market ETFMulti-Cap Core
SCHDSchwab US Dividend Equity ETFEquity Income
SCHXSchwab US Large-Cap ETFLarge-Cap Core
SCHGSchwab US Large-Cap Growth ETFLarge-Cap Growth
SWLGXSchwab US Large-Cap Growth Index FundLarge-Cap Growth
SCHVSchwab US Large-Cap Value ETFLarge-Cap Value
SWLVXSchwab US Large-Cap Value Index FundLarge-Cap Value
SCHMSchwab US Mid-Cap ETFMid-Cap Core
SWMCXSchwab US Mid-Cap Index FundMid-Cap Core
SCHHSchwab US REIT ETFReal Estate
SCHASchwab US Small-Cap ETFSmall-Cap Core
SCHPSchwab US TIPS ETFInflation-Protected Bond
SNSXXSchwab US Treasury Money FundInvestorU.S. Treasury Money Market
SWVXXSchwab Value Advantage Money FundInvestorMoney Market Instrument
SNAXXSchwab Value Advantage Money FundUltraMoney Market Instrument
SVUXXSchwab Variable Share Price Money FundUltraInstitutional Money Market

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