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Ticker Symbol Fund Name Share Class Investment Objective
HRBDXHarbor Bond FundAdministrativeCore Plus Bond
HABDXHarbor Bond FundInstitutionalCore Plus Bond
HBFRXHarbor Bond FundRetirementCore Plus Bond
HRCAXHarbor Capital Appreciation FundAdministrativeLarge-Cap Growth
HACAXHarbor Capital Appreciation FundInstitutionalLarge-Cap Growth
HCAIXHarbor Capital Appreciation FundInvestorLarge-Cap Growth
HNACXHarbor Capital Appreciation FundRetirementLarge-Cap Growth
HRCSXHarbor Convertible Securities FundAdministrativeConvertible Securities
HACSXHarbor Convertible Securities FundInstitutionalConvertible Securities
HICSXHarbor Convertible Securities FundInvestorConvertible Securities
HNCVXHarbor Convertible Securities FundRetirementConvertible Securities
HACBXHarbor Core Bond FundInstitutionalCore Plus Bond
HCBRXHarbor Core Bond FundRetirementCore Plus Bond
HRIDXHarbor Diversified International All Cap FundAdministrativeInternational Multi-Cap Growth
HAIDXHarbor Diversified International All Cap FundInstitutionalInternational Multi-Cap Growth
HIIDXHarbor Diversified International All Cap FundInvestorInternational Multi-Cap Growth
HNIDXHarbor Diversified International All Cap FundRetirementInternational Multi-Cap Growth
HREMXHarbor Emerging Markets Equity FundAdministrativeEmerging Markets
HAEMXHarbor Emerging Markets Equity FundInstitutionalEmerging Markets
HIEEXHarbor Emerging Markets Equity FundInvestorEmerging Markets
HNEMXHarbor Emerging Markets Equity FundRetirementEmerging Markets
HNFSXHarbor Focused International FundInstitutionalInternational Large-Cap Growth
HNFIXHarbor Focused International FundInvestorInternational Large-Cap Growth
HNFRXHarbor Focused International FundRetirementInternational Large-Cap Growth
HRGAXHarbor Global Leaders FundAdministrativeGlobal Large-Cap Growth
HGGAXHarbor Global Leaders FundInstitutionalGlobal Large-Cap Growth
HGGIXHarbor Global Leaders FundInvestorGlobal Large-Cap Growth
HNGIXHarbor Global Leaders FundRetirementGlobal Large-Cap Growth
HYFRXHarbor High Yield Bond FundAdministrativeHigh Yield
HYFAXHarbor High Yield Bond FundInstitutionalHigh Yield
HYFIXHarbor High Yield Bond FundInvestorHigh Yield
HNHYXHarbor High Yield Bond FundRetirementHigh Yield
HHYAXHarbor High-Yield Opportunities FundAdministrativeHigh Yield
HHYNXHarbor High-Yield Opportunities FundInstitutionalHigh Yield
HHYVXHarbor High-Yield Opportunities FundInvestorHigh Yield
HHYRXHarbor High-Yield Opportunities FundRetirementHigh Yield
HRINXHarbor International FundAdministrativeInternational Multi-Cap Growth
HAINXHarbor International FundInstitutionalInternational Multi-Cap Growth
HIINXHarbor International FundInvestorInternational Multi-Cap Growth
HNINXHarbor International FundRetirementInternational Multi-Cap Growth
HRIGXHarbor International Growth FundAdministrativeInternational Multi-Cap Growth
HAIGXHarbor International Growth FundInstitutionalInternational Multi-Cap Growth
HIIGXHarbor International Growth FundInvestorInternational Multi-Cap Growth
HNGFXHarbor International Growth FundRetirementInternational Multi-Cap Growth
HRISXHarbor International Small Cap FundAdministrativeInternational Small/Mid-Cap Growth
HAISXHarbor International Small Cap FundInstitutionalInternational Small/Mid-Cap Growth
HIISXHarbor International Small Cap FundInvestorInternational Small/Mid-Cap Growth
HNISXHarbor International Small Cap FundRetirementInternational Small/Mid-Cap Growth
HRLVXHarbor Large Cap Value FundAdministrativeMulti-Cap Core
HAVLXHarbor Large Cap Value FundInstitutionalMulti-Cap Core
HILVXHarbor Large Cap Value FundInvestorMulti-Cap Core
HNLVXHarbor Large Cap Value FundRetirementMulti-Cap Core
HRMGXHarbor Mid Cap Growth FundAdministrativeMid-Cap Growth
HAMGXHarbor Mid Cap Growth FundInstitutionalMid-Cap Growth
HIMGXHarbor Mid Cap Growth FundInvestorMid-Cap Growth
HNMGXHarbor Mid Cap Growth FundRetirementMid-Cap Growth
HRMVXHarbor Mid Cap Value FundAdministrativeMid-Cap Value
HAMVXHarbor Mid Cap Value FundInstitutionalMid-Cap Value
HIMVXHarbor Mid Cap Value FundInvestorMid-Cap Value
HNMVXHarbor Mid Cap Value FundRetirementMid-Cap Value
HRMXXHarbor Money Market FundAdministrativeInstitutional U.S. Government Money Market
HARXXHarbor Money Market FundInstitutionalU.S. Government Money Market
HAOSXHarbor Overseas FundInstitutionalInternational Multi-Cap Growth
HAONXHarbor Overseas FundInvestorInternational Multi-Cap Growth
HAORXHarbor Overseas FundRetirementInternational Multi-Cap Growth
HRRRXHarbor Real Return FundAdministrativeInflation-Protected Bond
HARRXHarbor Real Return FundInstitutionalInflation-Protected Bond
HRRNXHarbor Real Return FundRetirementInflation-Protected Bond
HRSGXHarbor Small Cap Growth FundAdministrativeSmall-Cap Growth
HASGXHarbor Small Cap Growth FundInstitutionalSmall-Cap Growth
HISGXHarbor Small Cap Growth FundInvestorSmall-Cap Growth
HNSGXHarbor Small Cap Growth FundRetirementSmall-Cap Growth
HRSOXHarbor Small Cap Growth Opportunities FundAdministrativeSmall-Cap Growth
HASOXHarbor Small Cap Growth Opportunities FundInstitutionalSmall-Cap Growth
HISOXHarbor Small Cap Growth Opportunities FundInvestorSmall-Cap Growth
HNSOXHarbor Small Cap Growth Opportunities FundRetirementSmall-Cap Growth
HSVRXHarbor Small Cap Value FundAdministrativeSmall-Cap Core
HASCXHarbor Small Cap Value FundInstitutionalSmall-Cap Core
HISVXHarbor Small Cap Value FundInvestorSmall-Cap Core
HNVRXHarbor Small Cap Value FundRetirementSmall-Cap Core
HSAVXHarbor Small Cap Value Opportunities FundAdministrativeSmall-Cap Value
HSOVXHarbor Small Cap Value Opportunities FundInstitutionalSmall-Cap Value
HSIVXHarbor Small Cap Value Opportunities FundInvestorSmall-Cap Value
HSRVXHarbor Small Cap Value Opportunities FundRetirementSmall-Cap Value
HARGXHarbor Target Retirement 2015 FundInstitutionalMixed-Asset Target 2015
HARJXHarbor Target Retirement 2020 FundInstitutionalMixed-Asset Target 2020
HARMXHarbor Target Retirement 2025 FundInstitutionalMixed-Asset Target 2025
HARPXHarbor Target Retirement 2030 FundInstitutionalMixed-Asset Target 2030
HARUXHarbor Target Retirement 2035 FundInstitutionalMixed-Asset Target 2035
HARYXHarbor Target Retirement 2040 FundInstitutionalMixed-Asset Target 2040
HACCXHarbor Target Retirement 2045 FundInstitutionalMixed-Asset Target 2045
HAFFXHarbor Target Retirement 2050 FundInstitutionalMixed-Asset Target 2050
HATRXHarbor Target Retirement 2055 FundInstitutionalMixed-Asset Target 2055+
HARAXHarbor Target Retirement Income FundInstitutionalMixed-Asset Target Today

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