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Ticker Symbol Fund Name Share Class Investment Objective
FITSHealth and Fitness ETFHealth/Biotechnology
JOLAXINTECH Emerging Markets Managed Volatility FundAEmerging Markets
JOLCXINTECH Emerging Markets Managed Volatility FundCEmerging Markets
JOLDXINTECH Emerging Markets Managed Volatility FundDEmerging Markets
JOLIXINTECH Emerging Markets Managed Volatility FundIEmerging Markets
JOLSXINTECH Emerging Markets Managed Volatility FundSEmerging Markets
JOLTXINTECH Emerging Markets Managed Volatility FundTEmerging Markets
JGDAXINTECH Global Income Managed Volatility FundAGlobal Equity Income
JGDCXINTECH Global Income Managed Volatility FundCGlobal Equity Income
JGDDXINTECH Global Income Managed Volatility FundDGlobal Equity Income
JGDIXINTECH Global Income Managed Volatility FundIGlobal Equity Income
JGDSXINTECH Global Income Managed Volatility FundSGlobal Equity Income
JDGTXINTECH Global Income Managed Volatility FundTGlobal Equity Income
JDOAXINTECH US Core FundAMulti-Cap Core
JLCCXINTECH US Core FundCMulti-Cap Core
JIRMXINTECH US Core FundDMulti-Cap Core
JRMCXINTECH US Core FundIMulti-Cap Core
JRCNXINTECH US Core FundNMulti-Cap Core
JLCIXINTECH US Core FundSMulti-Cap Core
JRMSXINTECH US Core FundTMulti-Cap Core
JRSAXINTECH US Managed Volatility FundAMulti-Cap Core
JRSCXINTECH US Managed Volatility FundCMulti-Cap Core
JRSDXINTECH US Managed Volatility FundDMulti-Cap Core
JRSIXINTECH US Managed Volatility FundIMulti-Cap Core
JRSNXINTECH US Managed Volatility FundNMulti-Cap Core
JRSSXINTECH US Managed Volatility FundSMulti-Cap Core
JRSTXINTECH US Managed Volatility FundTMulti-Cap Core
JAGAXJanus Adaptive Global Allocation FundAMixed-Asset Target Allocation Growth
JAVCXJanus Adaptive Global Allocation FundCMixed-Asset Target Allocation Growth
JAGDXJanus Adaptive Global Allocation FundDMixed-Asset Target Allocation Growth
JVGIXJanus Adaptive Global Allocation FundIMixed-Asset Target Allocation Growth
JAGNXJanus Adaptive Global Allocation FundNMixed-Asset Target Allocation Growth
JAGSXJanus Adaptive Global Allocation FundSMixed-Asset Target Allocation Growth
JVGTXJanus Adaptive Global Allocation FundTMixed-Asset Target Allocation Growth
JAQAXJanus Asia Equity FundAPacific Region
JAQCXJanus Asia Equity FundCPacific Region
JAQDXJanus Asia Equity FundDPacific Region
JAQIXJanus Asia Equity FundIPacific Region
JAQSXJanus Asia Equity FundSPacific Region
JAQTXJanus Asia Equity FundTPacific Region
JDBAXJanus Balanced FundAMixed-Asset Target Allocation Moderate
JABCXJanus Balanced FundCMixed-Asset Target Allocation Moderate
JANBXJanus Balanced FundDMixed-Asset Target Allocation Moderate
JBALXJanus Balanced FundIMixed-Asset Target Allocation Moderate
JABNXJanus Balanced FundNMixed-Asset Target Allocation Moderate
JDBRXJanus Balanced FundRMixed-Asset Target Allocation Moderate
JABRXJanus Balanced FundSMixed-Asset Target Allocation Moderate
JABAXJanus Balanced FundTMixed-Asset Target Allocation Moderate
JCNAXJanus Contrarian FundAMulti-Cap Core
JCNCXJanus Contrarian FundCMulti-Cap Core
JACNXJanus Contrarian FundDMulti-Cap Core
JCONXJanus Contrarian FundIMulti-Cap Core
JCNRXJanus Contrarian FundRMulti-Cap Core
JCNIXJanus Contrarian FundSMulti-Cap Core
JSVAXJanus Contrarian FundTMulti-Cap Core
JDDAXJanus Diversified Alternatives FundAAbsolute Return
JDDCXJanus Diversified Alternatives FundCAbsolute Return
JDADXJanus Diversified Alternatives FundDAbsolute Return
JDAIXJanus Diversified Alternatives FundIAbsolute Return
JDANXJanus Diversified Alternatives FundNAbsolute Return
JDASXJanus Diversified Alternatives FundSAbsolute Return
JDATXJanus Diversified Alternatives FundTAbsolute Return
JMFAXJanus Emerging Markets FundAEmerging Markets
JMFCXJanus Emerging Markets FundCEmerging Markets
JMFDXJanus Emerging Markets FundDEmerging Markets
JMFIXJanus Emerging Markets FundIEmerging Markets
JMFSXJanus Emerging Markets FundSEmerging Markets
JMFTXJanus Emerging Markets FundTEmerging Markets
JDMAXJanus Enterprise FundAMid-Cap Growth
JGRCXJanus Enterprise FundCMid-Cap Growth
JANEXJanus Enterprise FundDMid-Cap Growth
JMGRXJanus Enterprise FundIMid-Cap Growth
JDMNXJanus Enterprise FundNMid-Cap Growth
JDMRXJanus Enterprise FundRMid-Cap Growth
JGRTXJanus Enterprise FundSMid-Cap Growth
JAENXJanus Enterprise FundTMid-Cap Growth
JDFAXJanus Flexible Bond FundACore Plus Bond
JFICXJanus Flexible Bond FundCCore Plus Bond
JANFXJanus Flexible Bond FundDCore Plus Bond
JFLEXJanus Flexible Bond FundICore Plus Bond
JDFNXJanus Flexible Bond FundNCore Plus Bond
JDFRXJanus Flexible Bond FundRCore Plus Bond
JADFXJanus Flexible Bond FundSCore Plus Bond
JAFIXJanus Flexible Bond FundTCore Plus Bond
JDCAXJanus Forty FundALarge-Cap Growth
JACCXJanus Forty FundCLarge-Cap Growth
JCAPXJanus Forty FundILarge-Cap Growth
JFRNXJanus Forty FundNLarge-Cap Growth
JDCRXJanus Forty FundRLarge-Cap Growth
JARTXJanus Forty FundSLarge-Cap Growth
JACTXJanus Forty FundTLarge-Cap Growth
JDGAXJanus FundAMulti-Cap Growth
JGOCXJanus FundCMulti-Cap Growth
JANDXJanus FundDMulti-Cap Growth
JGROXJanus FundIMulti-Cap Growth
JDGNXJanus FundNMulti-Cap Growth
JDGRXJanus FundRMulti-Cap Growth
JGORXJanus FundSMulti-Cap Growth
JANSXJanus FundTMulti-Cap Growth
JCAAXJanus Global Allocation Fund - ConservativeAMixed-Asset Target Allocation Conservative
JCACXJanus Global Allocation Fund - ConservativeCMixed-Asset Target Allocation Conservative
JMSCXJanus Global Allocation Fund - ConservativeDMixed-Asset Target Allocation Conservative
JCAIXJanus Global Allocation Fund - ConservativeIMixed-Asset Target Allocation Conservative
JCASXJanus Global Allocation Fund - ConservativeSMixed-Asset Target Allocation Conservative
JSPCXJanus Global Allocation Fund - ConservativeTMixed-Asset Target Allocation Conservative
JGCAXJanus Global Allocation Fund - GrowthAMixed-Asset Target Allocation Growth
JGCCXJanus Global Allocation Fund - GrowthCMixed-Asset Target Allocation Growth
JNSGXJanus Global Allocation Fund - GrowthDMixed-Asset Target Allocation Growth
JGCIXJanus Global Allocation Fund - GrowthIMixed-Asset Target Allocation Growth
JGCSXJanus Global Allocation Fund - GrowthSMixed-Asset Target Allocation Growth
JSPGXJanus Global Allocation Fund - GrowthTMixed-Asset Target Allocation Growth
JMOAXJanus Global Allocation Fund - ModerateAMixed-Asset Target Allocation Moderate
JMOCXJanus Global Allocation Fund - ModerateCMixed-Asset Target Allocation Moderate
JNSMXJanus Global Allocation Fund - ModerateDMixed-Asset Target Allocation Moderate
JMOIXJanus Global Allocation Fund - ModerateIMixed-Asset Target Allocation Moderate
JMOSXJanus Global Allocation Fund - ModerateSMixed-Asset Target Allocation Moderate
JSPMXJanus Global Allocation Fund - ModerateTMixed-Asset Target Allocation Moderate
JGBAXJanus Global Bond FundAGlobal Income
JGBCXJanus Global Bond FundCGlobal Income
JGBDXJanus Global Bond FundDGlobal Income
JGBIXJanus Global Bond FundIGlobal Income
JGLNXJanus Global Bond FundNGlobal Income
JGBSXJanus Global Bond FundSGlobal Income
JHBTXJanus Global Bond FundTGlobal Income
JFNAXJanus Global Life Sciences FundAGlobal Health/Biotechnology
JFNCXJanus Global Life Sciences FundCGlobal Health/Biotechnology
JNGLXJanus Global Life Sciences FundDGlobal Health/Biotechnology
JFNIXJanus Global Life Sciences FundIGlobal Health/Biotechnology
JFNSXJanus Global Life Sciences FundSGlobal Health/Biotechnology
JAGLXJanus Global Life Sciences FundTGlobal Health/Biotechnology
JERAXJanus Global Real Estate FundAGlobal Real Estate
JERCXJanus Global Real Estate FundCGlobal Real Estate
JNGSXJanus Global Real Estate FundDGlobal Real Estate
JERIXJanus Global Real Estate FundIGlobal Real Estate
JERSXJanus Global Real Estate FundSGlobal Real Estate
JERTXJanus Global Real Estate FundTGlobal Real Estate
JATAXJanus Global Technology FundAGlobal Science and Technology
JAGCXJanus Global Technology FundCGlobal Science and Technology
JNGTXJanus Global Technology FundDGlobal Science and Technology
JATIXJanus Global Technology FundIGlobal Science and Technology
JATSXJanus Global Technology FundSGlobal Science and Technology
JAGTXJanus Global Technology FundTGlobal Science and Technology
JUCAXJanus Global Unconstrained Bond FundAAlternative Credit Focus
JUCCXJanus Global Unconstrained Bond FundCAlternative Credit Focus
JUCDXJanus Global Unconstrained Bond FundDAlternative Credit Focus
JUCIXJanus Global Unconstrained Bond FundIAlternative Credit Focus
JUCNXJanus Global Unconstrained Bond FundNAlternative Credit Focus
JUCRXJanus Global Unconstrained Bond FundRAlternative Credit Focus
JUCSXJanus Global Unconstrained Bond FundSAlternative Credit Focus
JUCTXJanus Global Unconstrained Bond FundTAlternative Credit Focus
JGVXXJanus Government Money Market FundDU.S. Government Money Market
JAGXXJanus Government Money Market FundTU.S. Government Money Market
JDNAXJanus Growth & Income FundALarge-Cap Core
JGICXJanus Growth & Income FundCLarge-Cap Core
JNGIXJanus Growth & Income FundDLarge-Cap Core
JGINXJanus Growth & Income FundILarge-Cap Core
JDNRXJanus Growth & Income FundRLarge-Cap Core
JADGXJanus Growth & Income FundSLarge-Cap Core
JAGIXJanus Growth & Income FundTLarge-Cap Core
JHYAXJanus High-Yield FundAHigh Yield
JDHCXJanus High-Yield FundCHigh Yield
JNHYXJanus High-Yield FundDHigh Yield
JHYFXJanus High-Yield FundIHigh Yield
JHYNXJanus High-Yield FundNHigh Yield
JHYRXJanus High-Yield FundRHigh Yield
JDHYXJanus High-Yield FundSHigh Yield
JAHYXJanus High-Yield FundTHigh Yield
JNMXXJanus Money Market FundDMoney Market Instrument
JAMXXJanus Money Market FundTMoney Market Instrument
JMUAXJanus Multi-Sector Income FundAMulti-Sector Income
JMUCXJanus Multi-Sector Income FundCMulti-Sector Income
JMUDXJanus Multi-Sector Income FundDMulti-Sector Income
JMUIXJanus Multi-Sector Income FundIMulti-Sector Income
JMTNXJanus Multi-Sector Income FundNMulti-Sector Income
JMUSXJanus Multi-Sector Income FundSMulti-Sector Income
JMUTXJanus Multi-Sector Income FundTMulti-Sector Income
JURAXJanus Real Return FundAInflation-Protected Bond
JURCXJanus Real Return FundCInflation-Protected Bond
JURDXJanus Real Return FundDInflation-Protected Bond
JURIXJanus Real Return FundIInflation-Protected Bond
JURSXJanus Real Return FundSInflation-Protected Bond
JURTXJanus Real Return FundTInflation-Protected Bond
JRAAXJanus Research FundAMulti-Cap Growth
JRACXJanus Research FundCMulti-Cap Growth
JNRFXJanus Research FundDMulti-Cap Growth
JRAIXJanus Research FundIMulti-Cap Growth
JRANXJanus Research FundNMulti-Cap Growth
JRASXJanus Research FundSMulti-Cap Growth
JAMRXJanus Research FundTMulti-Cap Growth
JSHAXJanus Short-Term Bond FundAShort-Investment-Grade Debt
JSHCXJanus Short-Term Bond FundCShort-Investment-Grade Debt
JNSTXJanus Short-Term Bond FundDShort-Investment-Grade Debt
JSHIXJanus Short-Term Bond FundIShort-Investment-Grade Debt
JSHNXJanus Short-Term Bond FundNShort-Investment-Grade Debt
JSHSXJanus Short-Term Bond FundSShort-Investment-Grade Debt
JASBXJanus Short-Term Bond FundTShort-Investment-Grade Debt
JSMLJanus Small Cap Growth Alpha ETFSmall-Cap Growth
JSMDJanus Small/Mid Cap Growth Alpha ETFMid-Cap Growth
JGMAXJanus Triton FundASmall-Cap Growth
JGMCXJanus Triton FundCSmall-Cap Growth
JANIXJanus Triton FundDSmall-Cap Growth
JSMGXJanus Triton FundISmall-Cap Growth
JGMNXJanus Triton FundNSmall-Cap Growth
JGMRXJanus Triton FundRSmall-Cap Growth
JGMIXJanus Triton FundSSmall-Cap Growth
JATTXJanus Triton FundTSmall-Cap Growth
JNTFXJanus Twenty FundDLarge-Cap Growth
JAVLXJanus Twenty FundTLarge-Cap Growth
JVTAXJanus Venture FundASmall-Cap Growth
JVTCXJanus Venture FundCSmall-Cap Growth
JANVXJanus Venture FundDSmall-Cap Growth
JVTIXJanus Venture FundISmall-Cap Growth
JVTNXJanus Venture FundNSmall-Cap Growth
JVTSXJanus Venture FundSSmall-Cap Growth
JAVTXJanus Venture FundTSmall-Cap Growth
OLDLong-Term Care ETFHealth/Biotechnology
SLIMObesity ETFHealth/Biotechnology
ORGOrganics ETFHealth/Biotechnology
JAPAXPerkins Large Cap Value FundALarge-Cap Value
JAPCXPerkins Large Cap Value FundCLarge-Cap Value
JNPLXPerkins Large Cap Value FundDLarge-Cap Value
JAPIXPerkins Large Cap Value FundILarge-Cap Value
JPLNXPerkins Large Cap Value FundNLarge-Cap Value
JAPSXPerkins Large Cap Value FundSLarge-Cap Value
JPLTXPerkins Large Cap Value FundTLarge-Cap Value
JDPAXPerkins Mid Cap Value FundAMulti-Cap Core
JMVCXPerkins Mid Cap Value FundCMulti-Cap Core
JNMCXPerkins Mid Cap Value FundDMulti-Cap Core
JMVAXPerkins Mid Cap Value FundIMulti-Cap Core
JMIVXPerkins Mid Cap Value FundLMulti-Cap Core
JDPNXPerkins Mid Cap Value FundNMulti-Cap Core
JDPRXPerkins Mid Cap Value FundRMulti-Cap Core
JMVIXPerkins Mid Cap Value FundSMulti-Cap Core
JMCVXPerkins Mid Cap Value FundTMulti-Cap Core
JVSAXPerkins Select Value FundAMulti-Cap Value
JVSCXPerkins Select Value FundCMulti-Cap Value
JSVDXPerkins Select Value FundDMulti-Cap Value
JVSIXPerkins Select Value FundIMulti-Cap Value
JSVSXPerkins Select Value FundSMulti-Cap Value
JSVTXPerkins Select Value FundTMulti-Cap Value
JDSAXPerkins Small Cap Value FundASmall-Cap Core
JCSCXPerkins Small Cap Value FundCSmall-Cap Core
JNPSXPerkins Small Cap Value FundDSmall-Cap Core
JSCOXPerkins Small Cap Value FundISmall-Cap Core
JSIVXPerkins Small Cap Value FundLSmall-Cap Core
JDSNXPerkins Small Cap Value FundNSmall-Cap Core
JDSRXPerkins Small Cap Value FundRSmall-Cap Core
JISCXPerkins Small Cap Value FundSSmall-Cap Core
JSCVXPerkins Small Cap Value FundTSmall-Cap Core
JPVAXPerkins Value Plus Income FundAMixed-Asset Target Allocation Moderate
JPVCXPerkins Value Plus Income FundCMixed-Asset Target Allocation Moderate
JPVDXPerkins Value Plus Income FundDMixed-Asset Target Allocation Moderate
JPVIXPerkins Value Plus Income FundIMixed-Asset Target Allocation Moderate
JPVSXPerkins Value Plus Income FundSMixed-Asset Target Allocation Moderate
JPVTXPerkins Value Plus Income FundTMixed-Asset Target Allocation Moderate

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