OppenheimerFunds Inc

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Ticker Symbol Fund Name Share Class Investment Objective
OAAAXActive Allocation FundAMixed-Asset Target Allocation Growth
OAABXActive Allocation FundBMixed-Asset Target Allocation Growth
OAACXActive Allocation FundCMixed-Asset Target Allocation Growth
OAANXActive Allocation FundRMixed-Asset Target Allocation Growth
OAAYXActive Allocation FundYMixed-Asset Target Allocation Growth
OACIXConservative Investor FundAMixed-Asset Target Allocation Conservative
OBCIXConservative Investor FundBMixed-Asset Target Allocation Conservative
OCCIXConservative Investor FundCMixed-Asset Target Allocation Conservative
ONCIXConservative Investor FundRMixed-Asset Target Allocation Conservative
OYCIXConservative Investor FundYMixed-Asset Target Allocation Conservative
OAMIXModerate Investor FundAMixed-Asset Target Allocation Moderate
OBMIXModerate Investor FundBMixed-Asset Target Allocation Moderate
OCMIXModerate Investor FundCMixed-Asset Target Allocation Moderate
ONMIXModerate Investor FundRMixed-Asset Target Allocation Moderate
OYMIXModerate Investor FundYMixed-Asset Target Allocation Moderate
OPTFXOppenheimer Capital Appreciation FundALarge-Cap Growth
OTGBXOppenheimer Capital Appreciation FundBLarge-Cap Growth
OTFCXOppenheimer Capital Appreciation FundCLarge-Cap Growth
OPTIXOppenheimer Capital Appreciation FundILarge-Cap Growth
OTCNXOppenheimer Capital Appreciation FundRLarge-Cap Growth
OTCYXOppenheimer Capital Appreciation FundYLarge-Cap Growth
OPPEXOppenheimer Capital Income FundAMixed-Asset Target Allocation Conservative
OPEBXOppenheimer Capital Income FundBMixed-Asset Target Allocation Conservative
OPECXOppenheimer Capital Income FundCMixed-Asset Target Allocation Conservative
OCIIXOppenheimer Capital Income FundIMixed-Asset Target Allocation Conservative
OCINXOppenheimer Capital Income FundRMixed-Asset Target Allocation Conservative
OCIYXOppenheimer Capital Income FundYMixed-Asset Target Allocation Conservative
CRSXXOppenheimer Cash ReservesAMoney Market Instrument
CRBXXOppenheimer Cash ReservesBMoney Market Instrument
CSCXXOppenheimer Cash ReservesCMoney Market Instrument
CSNXXOppenheimer Cash ReservesRInstitutional Money Market
OPIGXOppenheimer Core Bond FundACore Bond
OIGBXOppenheimer Core Bond FundBCore Bond
OPBCXOppenheimer Core Bond FundCCore Bond
OPBIXOppenheimer Core Bond FundICore Bond
OPBNXOppenheimer Core Bond FundRCore Bond
OPBYXOppenheimer Core Bond FundYCore Bond
OFIAXOppenheimer Corporate Bond FundACorporate Debt BBB-Rated
OFICXOppenheimer Corporate Bond FundCCorporate Debt BBB-Rated
OFIIXOppenheimer Corporate Bond FundICorporate Debt BBB-Rated
OFINXOppenheimer Corporate Bond FundRCorporate Debt BBB-Rated
OFIYXOppenheimer Corporate Bond FundYCorporate Debt BBB-Rated
ODMAXOppenheimer Developing Markets FundAEmerging Markets
ODVBXOppenheimer Developing Markets FundBEmerging Markets
ODVCXOppenheimer Developing Markets FundCEmerging Markets
ODVIXOppenheimer Developing Markets FundIEmerging Markets
ODVNXOppenheimer Developing Markets FundREmerging Markets
ODVYXOppenheimer Developing Markets FundYEmerging Markets
OPOCXOppenheimer Discovery FundASmall-Cap Growth
ODIBXOppenheimer Discovery FundBSmall-Cap Growth
ODICXOppenheimer Discovery FundCSmall-Cap Growth
ODIIXOppenheimer Discovery FundISmall-Cap Growth
ODINXOppenheimer Discovery FundRSmall-Cap Growth
ODIYXOppenheimer Discovery FundYSmall-Cap Growth
OEGAXOppenheimer Discovery Mid Cap Growth FundAMid-Cap Growth
OEGBXOppenheimer Discovery Mid Cap Growth FundBMid-Cap Growth
OEGCXOppenheimer Discovery Mid Cap Growth FundCMid-Cap Growth
OEGIXOppenheimer Discovery Mid Cap Growth FundIMid-Cap Growth
OEGNXOppenheimer Discovery Mid Cap Growth FundRMid-Cap Growth
OEGYXOppenheimer Discovery Mid Cap Growth FundYMid-Cap Growth
OSVAXOppenheimer Dividend Opportunity FundAEquity Income
OSVBXOppenheimer Dividend Opportunity FundBEquity Income
OSCVXOppenheimer Dividend Opportunity FundCEquity Income
OSVIXOppenheimer Dividend Opportunity FundIEquity Income
OSVNXOppenheimer Dividend Opportunity FundREquity Income
OSVYXOppenheimer Dividend Opportunity FundYEquity Income
EMIAXOppenheimer Emerging Markets Innovators FundAEmerging Markets
EMVCXOppenheimer Emerging Markets Innovators FundCEmerging Markets
EMVIXOppenheimer Emerging Markets Innovators FundIEmerging Markets
EMIRXOppenheimer Emerging Markets Innovators FundREmerging Markets
EMIYXOppenheimer Emerging Markets Innovators FundYEmerging Markets
OEMAXOppenheimer Emerging Markets Local Debt FundAEmerging Markets Local Currency Debt
OEMCXOppenheimer Emerging Markets Local Debt FundCEmerging Markets Local Currency Debt
OEMIXOppenheimer Emerging Markets Local Debt FundIEmerging Markets Local Currency Debt
OEMNXOppenheimer Emerging Markets Local Debt FundREmerging Markets Local Currency Debt
OEMYXOppenheimer Emerging Markets Local Debt FundYEmerging Markets Local Currency Debt
OEQAXOppenheimer Equity FundALarge-Cap Core
OEQBXOppenheimer Equity FundBLarge-Cap Core
OEQCXOppenheimer Equity FundCLarge-Cap Core
OEQNXOppenheimer Equity FundRLarge-Cap Core
OEQYXOppenheimer Equity FundYLarge-Cap Core
OAEIXOppenheimer Equity Income FundAEquity Income
OBEIXOppenheimer Equity Income FundBEquity Income
OCEIXOppenheimer Equity Income FundCEquity Income
OEIIXOppenheimer Equity Income FundIEquity Income
ONEIXOppenheimer Equity Income FundREquity Income
OYEIXOppenheimer Equity Income FundYEquity Income
RWWOppenheimer Financials Sector Revenue ETFFinancial Services
QVOPXOppenheimer Fundamental Alternatives FundAAlternative Global MACRO
QOPBXOppenheimer Fundamental Alternatives FundBAlternative Global MACRO
QOPCXOppenheimer Fundamental Alternatives FundCAlternative Global MACRO
QOPIXOppenheimer Fundamental Alternatives FundIAlternative Global MACRO
QOPNXOppenheimer Fundamental Alternatives FundRAlternative Global MACRO
QOPYXOppenheimer Fundamental Alternatives FundYAlternative Global MACRO
QVGIXOppenheimer Global Allocation FundAAlternative Global MACRO
QGRBXOppenheimer Global Allocation FundBAlternative Global MACRO
QGRCXOppenheimer Global Allocation FundCAlternative Global MACRO
QGRIXOppenheimer Global Allocation FundIAlternative Global MACRO
QGRNXOppenheimer Global Allocation FundRAlternative Global MACRO
QGRYXOppenheimer Global Allocation FundYAlternative Global MACRO
OGYAXOppenheimer Global High Yield FundAHigh Yield
OGYCXOppenheimer Global High Yield FundCHigh Yield
OGYIXOppenheimer Global High Yield FundIHigh Yield
OGYNXOppenheimer Global High Yield FundRHigh Yield
OGYYXOppenheimer Global High Yield FundYHigh Yield
OARAXOppenheimer Global Multi Strategies FundAAlternative Multi-Strategy
OARCXOppenheimer Global Multi Strategies FundCAlternative Multi-Strategy
OAIIXOppenheimer Global Multi Strategies FundIAlternative Multi-Strategy
OARYXOppenheimer Global Multi Strategies FundYAlternative Multi-Strategy
ODAAXOppenheimer Global Multi-Alternatives FundAAlternative Global MACRO
ODACXOppenheimer Global Multi-Alternatives FundCAlternative Global MACRO
ODAIXOppenheimer Global Multi-Alternatives FundIAlternative Global MACRO
ODANXOppenheimer Global Multi-Alternatives FundRAlternative Global MACRO
ODAYXOppenheimer Global Multi-Alternatives FundYAlternative Global MACRO
QMGAXOppenheimer Global Multi-Asset Growth FundAFlexible Portfolio
QMGCXOppenheimer Global Multi-Asset Growth FundCFlexible Portfolio
QMGIXOppenheimer Global Multi-Asset Growth FundIFlexible Portfolio
QMGRXOppenheimer Global Multi-Asset Growth FundRFlexible Portfolio
QMGYXOppenheimer Global Multi-Asset Growth FundYFlexible Portfolio
QMAAXOppenheimer Global Multi-Asset Income FundAFlexible Portfolio
QMACXOppenheimer Global Multi-Asset Income FundCFlexible Portfolio
QMAIXOppenheimer Global Multi-Asset Income FundIFlexible Portfolio
QMARXOppenheimer Global Multi-Asset Income FundRFlexible Portfolio
QMAYXOppenheimer Global Multi-Asset Income FundYFlexible Portfolio
OGRAXOppenheimer Global Real Estate FundAGlobal Real Estate
OGRCXOppenheimer Global Real Estate FundCGlobal Real Estate
OIRGXOppenheimer Global Real Estate FundIGlobal Real Estate
OGRNXOppenheimer Global Real Estate FundRGlobal Real Estate
OGRYXOppenheimer Global Real Estate FundYGlobal Real Estate
OPSIXOppenheimer Global Strategic Income FundAMulti-Sector Income
OPSGXOppenheimer Global Strategic Income FundBMulti-Sector Income
OSICXOppenheimer Global Strategic Income FundCMulti-Sector Income
OSIIXOppenheimer Global Strategic Income FundIMulti-Sector Income
OSINXOppenheimer Global Strategic Income FundRMulti-Sector Income
OSIYXOppenheimer Global Strategic Income FundYMulti-Sector Income
OPGSXOppenheimer Gold & Special Minerals FundAPrecious Metals Equity
OGMBXOppenheimer Gold & Special Minerals FundBPrecious Metals Equity
OGMCXOppenheimer Gold & Special Minerals FundCPrecious Metals Equity
OGMIXOppenheimer Gold & Special Minerals FundIPrecious Metals Equity
OGMNXOppenheimer Gold & Special Minerals FundRPrecious Metals Equity
OGMYXOppenheimer Gold & Special Minerals FundYPrecious Metals Equity
IOEXXOppenheimer Institutional Money Market FundEInstitutional Money Market
IOLXXOppenheimer Institutional Money Market FundLInstitutional Money Market
OIBAXOppenheimer International Bond FundAInternational Income
OIBBXOppenheimer International Bond FundBInternational Income
OIBCXOppenheimer International Bond FundCInternational Income
OIBIXOppenheimer International Bond FundIInternational Income
OIBNXOppenheimer International Bond FundRInternational Income
OIBYXOppenheimer International Bond FundYInternational Income
RWLOppenheimer Large Cap Revenue ETFLarge-Cap Core
OUSGXOppenheimer Limited-Term Bond FundAShort-Investment-Grade Debt
UGTBXOppenheimer Limited-Term Bond FundBShort-Investment-Grade Debt
OUSCXOppenheimer Limited-Term Bond FundCShort-Investment-Grade Debt
OUSIXOppenheimer Limited-Term Bond FundIShort-Investment-Grade Debt
OUSNXOppenheimer Limited-Term Bond FundRShort-Investment-Grade Debt
OUSYXOppenheimer Limited-Term Bond FundYShort-Investment-Grade Debt
OPGVXOppenheimer Limited-Term Government FundAShort U.S. Government
OGSBXOppenheimer Limited-Term Government FundBShort U.S. Government
OLTCXOppenheimer Limited-Term Government FundCShort U.S. Government
OLTIXOppenheimer Limited-Term Government FundIShort U.S. Government
OLTNXOppenheimer Limited-Term Government FundRShort U.S. Government
OLTYXOppenheimer Limited-Term Government FundYShort U.S. Government
OQGAXOppenheimer Macquarie Global Infrastructure FundAGlobal Infrastructure
OQGCXOppenheimer Macquarie Global Infrastructure FundCGlobal Infrastructure
OQGIXOppenheimer Macquarie Global Infrastructure FundIGlobal Infrastructure
OQGRXOppenheimer Macquarie Global Infrastructure FundRGlobal Infrastructure
OQGYXOppenheimer Macquarie Global Infrastructure FundYGlobal Infrastructure
MSIGXOppenheimer Main Street FundALarge-Cap Core
OMSBXOppenheimer Main Street FundBLarge-Cap Core
MIGCXOppenheimer Main Street FundCLarge-Cap Core
OMSIXOppenheimer Main Street FundILarge-Cap Core
OMGNXOppenheimer Main Street FundRLarge-Cap Core
MIGYXOppenheimer Main Street FundYLarge-Cap Core
OPMSXOppenheimer Main Street Mid Cap FundAMid-Cap Core
OPMBXOppenheimer Main Street Mid Cap FundBMid-Cap Core
OPMCXOppenheimer Main Street Mid Cap FundCMid-Cap Core
OPMIXOppenheimer Main Street Mid Cap FundIMid-Cap Core
OPMNXOppenheimer Main Street Mid Cap FundRMid-Cap Core
OPMYXOppenheimer Main Street Mid Cap FundYMid-Cap Core
OMSOXOppenheimer Main Street Select FundALarge-Cap Core
OMOBXOppenheimer Main Street Select FundBLarge-Cap Core
OMSCXOppenheimer Main Street Select FundCLarge-Cap Core
OMSNXOppenheimer Main Street Select FundRLarge-Cap Core
OMSYXOppenheimer Main Street Select FundYLarge-Cap Core
OSCAXOppenheimer Main Street Small Cap FundASmall-Cap Core
OSCCXOppenheimer Main Street Small Cap FundCSmall-Cap Core
OSSIXOppenheimer Main Street Small Cap FundISmall-Cap Core
OSCNXOppenheimer Main Street Small Cap FundRSmall-Cap Core
OSCYXOppenheimer Main Street Small Cap FundYSmall-Cap Core
RWKOppenheimer Mid Cap Revenue ETFSmall-Cap Core
QVSCXOppenheimer Mid Cap Value FundAMid-Cap Value
QSCBXOppenheimer Mid Cap Value FundBMid-Cap Value
QSCCXOppenheimer Mid Cap Value FundCMid-Cap Value
QSCIXOppenheimer Mid Cap Value FundIMid-Cap Value
QSCNXOppenheimer Mid Cap Value FundRMid-Cap Value
QSCYXOppenheimer Mid Cap Value FundYMid-Cap Value
OMYXXOppenheimer Money Market FundYInstitutional Money Market
OMBXXOppenheimer Money Market FundAMoney Market Instrument
RWVOppenheimer Navellier Overall A-100 Revenue ETFMulti-Cap Growth
OREAXOppenheimer Real Estate FundAReal Estate
OREBXOppenheimer Real Estate FundBReal Estate
ORECXOppenheimer Real Estate FundCReal Estate
OREIXOppenheimer Real Estate FundIReal Estate
ORENXOppenheimer Real Estate FundRReal Estate
OREYXOppenheimer Real Estate FundYReal Estate
OARDXOppenheimer Rising Dividends FundALarge-Cap Core
OBRDXOppenheimer Rising Dividends FundBLarge-Cap Core
OCRDXOppenheimer Rising Dividends FundCLarge-Cap Core
OIRDXOppenheimer Rising Dividends FundILarge-Cap Core
ONRDXOppenheimer Rising Dividends FundRLarge-Cap Core
OYRDXOppenheimer Rising Dividends FundYLarge-Cap Core
OPTAXOppenheimer Rochester AMT-Free Municipal FundAGeneral and Insured Municipal Debt
OTFBXOppenheimer Rochester AMT-Free Municipal FundBGeneral and Insured Municipal Debt
OMFCXOppenheimer Rochester AMT-Free Municipal FundCGeneral and Insured Municipal Debt
OMFYXOppenheimer Rochester AMT-Free Municipal FundYGeneral and Insured Municipal Debt
OPNYXOppenheimer Rochester AMT-Free New York MunicipalsANew York State Municipal Debt
ONYBXOppenheimer Rochester AMT-Free New York MunicipalsBNew York State Municipal Debt
ONYCXOppenheimer Rochester AMT-Free New York MunicipalsCNew York State Municipal Debt
ONYYXOppenheimer Rochester AMT-Free New York MunicipalsYNew York State Municipal Debt
ORAZXOppenheimer Rochester Arizona Municipal FundAOther State Municipal Debt
ORBZXOppenheimer Rochester Arizona Municipal FundBOther State Municipal Debt
ORCZXOppenheimer Rochester Arizona Municipal FundCOther State Municipal Debt
ORYZXOppenheimer Rochester Arizona Municipal FundYOther State Municipal Debt
OPCAXOppenheimer Rochester California Municipal FundACalifornia Municipal Debt
OCABXOppenheimer Rochester California Municipal FundBCalifornia Municipal Debt
OCACXOppenheimer Rochester California Municipal FundCCalifornia Municipal Debt
OCAYXOppenheimer Rochester California Municipal FundYCalifornia Municipal Debt
RMUNXOppenheimer Rochester Fund MunicipalsANew York State Municipal Debt
RMUBXOppenheimer Rochester Fund MunicipalsBNew York State Municipal Debt
RMUCXOppenheimer Rochester Fund MunicipalsCNew York State Municipal Debt
RMUYXOppenheimer Rochester Fund MunicipalsYNew York State Municipal Debt
ORNAXOppenheimer Rochester High Yield Municipal FundAHigh Yield Municipal Debt
ORNBXOppenheimer Rochester High Yield Municipal FundBHigh Yield Municipal Debt
ORNCXOppenheimer Rochester High Yield Municipal FundCHigh Yield Municipal Debt
ORNYXOppenheimer Rochester High Yield Municipal FundYHigh Yield Municipal Debt
ORRWXOppenheimer Rochester Intermediate Term Municipal FundAIntermediate Municipal Debt
ORRCXOppenheimer Rochester Intermediate Term Municipal FundCIntermediate Municipal Debt
ORRYXOppenheimer Rochester Intermediate Term Municipal FundYIntermediate Municipal Debt
OLCAXOppenheimer Rochester Limited Term California Municipal FundACalifornia Short/Intermediate Municipal Debt
OLCBXOppenheimer Rochester Limited Term California Municipal FundBCalifornia Short/Intermediate Municipal Debt
OLCCXOppenheimer Rochester Limited Term California Municipal FundCCalifornia Short/Intermediate Municipal Debt
OLCYXOppenheimer Rochester Limited Term California Municipal FundYCalifornia Short/Intermediate Municipal Debt
OPITXOppenheimer Rochester Limited Term Municipal FundAShort/Intermediate Municipal Debt
OIMBXOppenheimer Rochester Limited Term Municipal FundBShort/Intermediate Municipal Debt
OITCXOppenheimer Rochester Limited Term Municipal FundCShort/Intermediate Municipal Debt
OPIYXOppenheimer Rochester Limited Term Municipal FundYShort/Intermediate Municipal Debt
LTNYXOppenheimer Rochester Limited Term New York Municipal FundAOther States Short/Intermediate Municipal Debt
LTBBXOppenheimer Rochester Limited Term New York Municipal FundBOther States Short/Intermediate Municipal Debt
LTNCXOppenheimer Rochester Limited Term New York Municipal FundCOther States Short/Intermediate Municipal Debt
LTBYXOppenheimer Rochester Limited Term New York Municipal FundYOther States Short/Intermediate Municipal Debt
ORMDXOppenheimer Rochester Maryland Municipal FundAMaryland Municipal Debt
ORYBXOppenheimer Rochester Maryland Municipal FundBMaryland Municipal Debt
ORYCXOppenheimer Rochester Maryland Municipal FundCMaryland Municipal Debt
ORYYXOppenheimer Rochester Maryland Municipal FundYMaryland Municipal Debt
ORMAXOppenheimer Rochester Massachusetts Municipal FundAMassachusetts Municipal Debt
ORBAXOppenheimer Rochester Massachusetts Municipal FundBMassachusetts Municipal Debt
ORCAXOppenheimer Rochester Massachusetts Municipal FundCMassachusetts Municipal Debt
ORYAXOppenheimer Rochester Massachusetts Municipal FundYMassachusetts Municipal Debt
ORMIXOppenheimer Rochester Michigan Municipal FundAOther State Municipal Debt
ORMBXOppenheimer Rochester Michigan Municipal FundBOther State Municipal Debt
ORMCXOppenheimer Rochester Michigan Municipal FundCOther State Municipal Debt
ORMYXOppenheimer Rochester Michigan Municipal FundYOther State Municipal Debt
OPAMXOppenheimer Rochester Minnesota Municipal FundAMinnesota Municipal Debt
OPBMXOppenheimer Rochester Minnesota Municipal FundBMinnesota Municipal Debt
OPCMXOppenheimer Rochester Minnesota Municipal FundCMinnesota Municipal Debt
OPYMXOppenheimer Rochester Minnesota Municipal FundYMinnesota Municipal Debt
ONJAXOppenheimer Rochester New Jersey Municipal FundANew Jersey Municipal Debt
ONJBXOppenheimer Rochester New Jersey Municipal FundBNew Jersey Municipal Debt
ONJCXOppenheimer Rochester New Jersey Municipal FundCNew Jersey Municipal Debt
ONJYXOppenheimer Rochester New Jersey Municipal FundYNew Jersey Municipal Debt
OPNCXOppenheimer Rochester North Carolina Municipal FundAOther State Municipal Debt
OPCBXOppenheimer Rochester North Carolina Municipal FundBOther State Municipal Debt
OPCCXOppenheimer Rochester North Carolina Municipal FundCOther State Municipal Debt
OPCYXOppenheimer Rochester North Carolina Municipal FundYOther State Municipal Debt
OROHXOppenheimer Rochester Ohio Municipal FundAOhio Municipal Debt
OROBXOppenheimer Rochester Ohio Municipal FundBOhio Municipal Debt
OROCXOppenheimer Rochester Ohio Municipal FundCOhio Municipal Debt
OROYXOppenheimer Rochester Ohio Municipal FundYOhio Municipal Debt
OPATXOppenheimer Rochester Pennsylvania Municipal FundAPennsylvania Municipal Debt
OPABXOppenheimer Rochester Pennsylvania Municipal FundBPennsylvania Municipal Debt
OPACXOppenheimer Rochester Pennsylvania Municipal FundCPennsylvania Municipal Debt
OPAYXOppenheimer Rochester Pennsylvania Municipal FundYPennsylvania Municipal Debt
ORSTXOppenheimer Rochester Short Term Municipal FundAShort Municipal Debt
ORSCXOppenheimer Rochester Short Term Municipal FundCShort Municipal Debt
ORSYXOppenheimer Rochester Short Term Municipal FundYShort Municipal Debt
ORVAXOppenheimer Rochester Virginia Municipal FundAVirginia Municipal Debt
ORVBXOppenheimer Rochester Virginia Municipal FundBVirginia Municipal Debt
ORVCXOppenheimer Rochester Virginia Municipal FundCVirginia Municipal Debt
ORVYXOppenheimer Rochester Virginia Municipal FundYVirginia Municipal Debt
OOSAXOppenheimer Senior Floating Rate FundALoan Participation
OOSBXOppenheimer Senior Floating Rate FundBLoan Participation
OOSCXOppenheimer Senior Floating Rate FundCLoan Participation
OOSIXOppenheimer Senior Floating Rate FundILoan Participation
OOSNXOppenheimer Senior Floating Rate FundRLoan Participation
OOSYXOppenheimer Senior Floating Rate FundYLoan Participation
OSFAXOppenheimer Senior Floating Rate Plus FundALoan Participation
OSFCXOppenheimer Senior Floating Rate Plus FundCLoan Participation
OSFIXOppenheimer Senior Floating Rate Plus FundILoan Participation
OSFYXOppenheimer Senior Floating Rate Plus FundYLoan Participation
RWJOppenheimer Small Cap Revenue ETFSmall-Cap Core
OVSAXOppenheimer Small Cap Value FundASmall-Cap Value
OVSCXOppenheimer Small Cap Value FundCSmall-Cap Value
OVSIXOppenheimer Small Cap Value FundISmall-Cap Value
OVSRXOppenheimer Small Cap Value FundRSmall-Cap Value
OVSYXOppenheimer Small Cap Value FundYSmall-Cap Value
EESAXOppenheimer SteelPath Panoramic FundAEnergy MLP
EESCXOppenheimer SteelPath Panoramic FundCEnergy MLP
EESIXOppenheimer SteelPath Panoramic FundIEnergy MLP
EESRXOppenheimer SteelPath Panoramic FundREnergy MLP
EESYXOppenheimer SteelPath Panoramic FundYEnergy MLP
RDIVOppenheimer Ultra Dividend Revenue ETFEquity Income
OSDIXOppenheimer Ultra-Short Duration FundIUltra Short Obligation
OSDYXOppenheimer Ultra-Short Duration FundYUltra Short Obligation
CGRWXOppenheimer Value FundALarge-Cap Value
CGRBXOppenheimer Value FundBLarge-Cap Value
CGRCXOppenheimer Value FundCLarge-Cap Value
OGRIXOppenheimer Value FundILarge-Cap Value
CGRNXOppenheimer Value FundRLarge-Cap Value
CGRYXOppenheimer Value FundYLarge-Cap Value

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