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Total Cost of Ownership Report

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American Century Mutual Funds, Inc: Ultra Fund; Investor Class Shares

Over the 12 months ending November 30, 2019, you would have paid an estimated $279 out of your $10,000 in various costs – 2.79%. Like a horse with a 279-pound jockey. Using one of the alternatives we display below, you would have given up just $19 – 0.19%. Like a horse with a 19-pound jockey.

The top row of our first table, below, shows your selected fund. It is followed by the least expensive comparable funds in the "U.S. Large-Cap" category. (Click here for an important caveat about the funds used in the comparison!)

Fund Last Year's Cost of Ownership
Projected Value In
30 Years
Last Year’s Actual Returns
Pre-Tax After-Tax
American Century Mutual Funds, Inc: Ultra Fund; Investor Class Shares (TWCUX) $279 2.79% $147,464 17.23% 15.56%
Fidelity Salem Street Trust: Fidelity Series Large Cap Growth Index Fund (FHOFX)$19 0.19% $286,031 20.94% 20.77%
Schwab Capital Trust: Schwab US Large-Cap Growth Index Fund (SWLGX)$25 0.25% $281,816 20.57% 20.35%
Vanguard World Funds: Vanguard Mega Cap Growth Index Fund; Institutional Shares (VMGAX)$27 0.27% $280,240 21.64% 21.43%
Vanguard World Funds: Vanguard Mega Cap Growth Index Fund; ETF Shares (MGK)$28 0.28% $279,657 21.62% 21.42%

You can see from this table what a difference costs make over time. Looking forward 30 years and assuming that all the funds in this category did average 12% before costs, your $10,000 would grow to $147,464 after subtracting our estimated cost of ownership – or to as much as $286,031 in one of the lower-cost funds in this category.    

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The next table shows the break-down of this fund's costs.

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Last Year's Itemized Costs of Owning This Fund
Your share of the fund's transaction costs $7 0.07%
Amount you paid for fund management $105 1.05%
Amount you paid for fund distribution $0 0.00%
Taxes you paid for holding the fund $166 1.66%
One-Year Total Cost of Ownership $279 2.79%

The next table shows how your money would grow in a world with NO costs – and just how deeply costs dig into your success:

Estimated Future Returns and Costs
Projected Long-Term Annual Returns 12%
Projected Potential Value after 30 Years $299,599
Projected Actual Value  $147,464
Potential Value Lost to Costs $152,135
Percentage of Potential Appreciation Lost to Costs 52%

It is important to note that our projections merely extrapolate last year's costs and taxes. As such, these estimates are very rough and should be used only as a starting point.   Click here for further discussion of this and a calculator that can help you fine-tune your projections.

Basic Fund Profile
Ticker Symbol TWCUX
Index Fund? Not an index fund.
Lipper Fund Category U.S. Large-Cap
Front-End Load 0.00%
Back-End Load 0.00%
Total Expense Ratio
Expense Ratio Percentile
(100% = lowest cost)
12b-1 Fee 0.00%
Fund Turnover 17%
Turnover Percentile
(100% = lowest cost)
Fiscal Year End 31-OCT-18
NAV on 30-NOV-19 $52.95
NAV on 30-NOV-18 $48.01
Dividend Distributions $0.00
Capital Gain Distributions $3.33
Fund Inception Date 02-NOV-81
Total Net Assets (as of 31-OCT-19) $11,310 Mil.
Growth in Total Net Assets
(since year-end 2001)
PreTax Total Return 17.23%
Return from Dividend Distributions 0.00%
Return from Realized Capital Gains 6.94%
Capital Appreciation 10.29%
Additional Expense Information
Gross Prospectus Expense Ratio Net Prospectus Expense Ratio Prospectus Date
0.97 0.97 01-AUG-19

The prospectus expense ratios above are forward looking and unaudited. The 'Gross' ratio is before any waivers, caps and/or reimbursements.
* No waiver, cap or reimbursement of fees has been reported for this fund