We’ve released a few minor but helpful updates to the Cost Analysis Report:

  1. In the Last Year’s Itemized Costs of Owning This Fund table and Basic Fund Profile table, we further break down the management fee and expense ratio respectively into constituent fees to give a more detailed  illustration of the costs.
  2. We fixed the bug that caused comparable funds to be shown in some cases even if the user left the “Compare results against less expensive similar funds?” box unchecked.
  3. The Least Expensive Comparable Funds are now chosen so that:
    • The listed funds are drawn from the same Lipper class as the user’s selected fund, and no longer from a broader “superclass” as was done previously for some funds.
    • The listed funds must be either an ETF or an directly available to the general public, e.g. no institutional class open-end funds are shown.
    • The listed funds are open to new investors and have a minimum new investment amount that is less than the amount input by the user.
    • Only one share class of any fund portfolio will be shown, e.g. the list will not include both an ETF and an open-end fund from the same portfolio.

We welcome any comments about this update, and invite your suggestions for enhancements to the site.