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Personal Fund is your personal cost analysis tool, powered by our industry-leading data and analytics to reveal the true costs of fund investments. Mutual funds and ETFs don’t advertise their taxes, fees and trading costs. These unseen costs add up over time. Backed by years of economic research, our mutual fund cost calculator reveals each fund’s true price tag and estimates how hidden expenses will eat away at returns over time, so you can minimize investment cost and risk … and maximize returns.

Our cost analysis reports are as easy-to-read as our mutual fund cost calculator is easy to use.

Game-changing insights are one simple search away.

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Your Personal Fund Cost Calculator

Your Personal Fund reports are assembled specifically for you based on your unique search inquiries, the most up-to-date data, and our proprietary analytics.

Discover the true cost of an individual Mutual Fund or ETF – including taxes, fees, trading costs, and more.

Instantly find the mutual funds and ETFs of any asset category with the lowest total cost of ownership, including taxes, fees and trading costs.

Receive high-level cost analysis for an entire portfolio of funds. Easily assess costs and taxes aggregated over the total portfolio.

Uncover the complete cost and return history behind a fund. Then compare its performance to other funds.

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About Us

Personal Fund

Leading Finance Expertise + Top-tier Technology

Personal Fund was founded by leading financial and technology experts in order to empower investors. Our subscription-based internet solutions are designed to help you save time, minimize cost and risk and invest successfully with confidence.

Led by statistician Stefan Sharkansky, PhD, our most recent study of 46,000 mutual funds and ETFs spanned across asset classes to measure the harmful impact of management fees, turnover and taxes on fund performance.

Our findings took our proprietary analytics, along with the cost analysis reports they produce, to the next level. We’re proud to provide our industry-leading Mutual Fund and ETF Cost Calculator  to expert financial advisors and individual investors alike.

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