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Client-focused wealth managers strive to protect and grow client assets. Smart individual investors seek to make sound financial decisions on a journey toward financial independence. Both seek an edge.

While most of us recognize past performance bears no relationship to future results, there are other criteria that can help identify the funds that have the best chances of performing better than their peer funds. The characteristics of expense ratio and turnover represent actual costs that an investor pays for holding a fund and are a drag on fund performance.

Our recent study of 46,000 mutual funds and ETFs of several asset classes for the years 2000 through 2016 measured the harmful impact of expense ratio, turnover and taxes on fund performance. Our Mutual Fund Cost Calculator illustrates, fund by fund, what those impacts are and estimates how much they eat into an investor’s nest egg over time.

Minimizing taxes, costs and fees and other expenses over the long haul is the smartest route to the best return on investment. Understanding which comparable funds cost more, or less, is the challenge. Our Mutual Fund Cost Calculator does just that.


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