“Why Minimizing the Costs of Investment Products Must be a Priority”

My article with that headline is now published on Advisor Perspectives. "Readers of this publication know the costs of an investment product reduce the net return and consider cost as an important criterion for selecting [...]

By |August 21, 2023|

New Feature: Fund Screener — Find Low Cost Funds

Our new Fund Screener enables you to find the lowest cost funds (= most advantageous to you) for meeting your investment goals. While there are many other fund screeners on the Internet, the Personal Fund [...]

By |December 19, 2021|

New Feature: Historical Costs and Performance

The new Fund History Report provides an eye-opening presentation of a fund's historical costs and performance from January 1, 2004 to the present. The report illustrates a fund's historical annual costs, how those costs have [...]

By |November 7, 2021|

Update to Cost Analysis Report #2 | Personal Fund

We've released a few minor, but helpful changes to the Cost Analysis Report Funds' Actual Returns for the preceding 12 months, both pre-tax and after-tax,  shown in the top table are now calculated under the [...]

By |June 29, 2021|

New Feature: Portfolio Analyzer

The new Personal Fund Portfolio Analyzer enables you to perform an aggregated cost analysis of an entire fund portfolio using the same algorithms and same up-to-date fund data as are used for the familiar cost [...]

By |December 31, 2020|

New Feature: Matching Market Index

We've added some new information to the main Fund Cost Report -- the name of the fund's closest applicable benchmark market index, along with the fund's correlation, tracking error and difference in returns relative to [...]

By |December 15, 2020|
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