Interview with Personal Fund’s Stefan Sharkansky

Paul Adams and Cory Shepherd of Sound Financial Group interviewed me recently on their Your Business Your Wealth podcast. I had a great time speaking with them. Listen in!  

By |March 3, 2020|

Personal Fund is mentioned in Forbes

Forbes has an article on February 29, 2020, "Study: High Fund Expenses, Turnover Have Negative Effect On Performance" by Lawrence Carrel, about our recent research study. Carrel's piece is a well-written summary of our work. [...]

By |March 3, 2020|

A new look for our website

We've redesigned our website for easier navigation and readability, better formatting on mobile, and as a robust platform for future functional enhancements. Please let us know what you think of the new design. E-mail:

By |December 18, 2019|

Mutual Fund Research Study: Costs and Returns

December 12, 2019 We have completed an extensive research study of mutual fund costs and returns for the period 2000 - 2016. This post highlights some key findings which we are now using to present [...]

By |December 18, 2019|

Higher Yielding Tax-Exempt Mutual Funds

A millionaire asked: "Tell me how I can make use of your fund calculator to choose a tax-exempt fund that is higher yielding?" Go to the Fund Finder box (which states "enter any part [...]

By |December 3, 2019|

What If We Were All Only Investing In Index Funds?

What would happen if everybody invested only in index funds? The reason indexing works is that the stock market is largely "efficient." That is, all the publicly available information (and maybe even, illegally, a little [...]

By |December 3, 2019|
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