Update to Cost Analysis Report #1 | Personal Fund

We've released a few minor but helpful updates to the Cost Analysis Report: In the Last Year's Itemized Costs of Owning This Fund table and Basic Fund Profile table, we further break down the management [...]

By |August 4, 2020|

Interview with Personal Fund’s Stefan Sharkansky

Paul Adams and Cory Shepherd of Sound Financial Group interviewed me recently on their Your Business Your Wealth podcast. I had a great time speaking with them. Listen in!  

By |March 3, 2020|

Personal Fund is mentioned in Forbes

Forbes has an article on February 29, 2020, "Study: High Fund Expenses, Turnover Have Negative Effect On Performance" by Lawrence Carrel, about our recent research study. Carrel's piece is a well-written summary of our work. [...]

By |March 3, 2020|

A new look for our website

We've redesigned our website for easier navigation and readability, better formatting on mobile, and as a robust platform for future functional enhancements. Please let us know what you think of the new design. E-mail:

By |December 18, 2019|

Mutual Fund Research Study: Costs and Returns

December 12, 2019 We have completed an extensive research study of mutual fund costs and returns for the period 2000 - 2016. This post highlights some key findings which we are now using to present [...]

By |December 18, 2019|

Higher Yielding Tax-Exempt Mutual Funds

A millionaire asked: "Tell me how I can make use of your fund calculator to choose a tax-exempt fund that is higher yielding?" Go to the Fund Finder box (which states "enter any part [...]

By |December 3, 2019|
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