Pricing FAQ

Pricing FAQ2023-04-18T10:56:56-07:00
What are the pricing details for a Volume Discount Subscription?2023-04-18T10:41:08-07:00

Volume Discount plans are priced by the number of Fund Reports, and every 5 Fund Reports comes with 1 Portfolio Report.

Fund Reports Price
100 to 500 $89.95 + $0.70 for each report over 100
500 to 1000 $369.95 + $0.60 for each report over 500
1000 to 2000 $669.95 + $0.50 for each report over 1000
2000 or more $1,169.95 + $0.40 for each report over 2000
How can I obtain more reports if I already reach the limit before the end of the billing month?2023-04-18T10:39:56-07:00

If you reach your subscription’s report limit before the end of your billing month you can purchase supplemental report credits, by visiting

Supplemental reports are priced per this schedule, by the number of Fund Report credits. 1 Portfolio Report is included with every 5 Fund Reports.

Supplemental report credits do not expire, and rollover from one month to the next. They may be used in any month where you have a paid subscription.

Number of Fund Reports Price per Report
First 100 $1.00 each
Next 400 up to 500 $0.80 each
Next 500 up to 1000 $0.70 each
Above 1000 $0.60 each
Do report credits expire at the end of the month or do unused credits rollover from one month to the next?2023-04-18T10:46:45-07:00

The report credits included in your monthly subscription expire at the end of the month. However, supplemental report credits do not expire and rollover from one month to the next.

For example, if your subscription is for 100 Fund Reports  and you use 95 in your May billing month, the 5 unused credits don’t rollover until June. However if you use all 100 Fund Reports in May, then buy 10 supplemental credits that month but only use 4 of them that month, the 6 unused supplemental credits will rollover indefinitely until used.

Can I swap unused Fund Report credits for additional Portfolio Reports and vice versa?2023-04-18T10:55:49-07:00

No. A subscription is for fixed numbers of both types of reports. E.g. 100 Fund Reports and 20 Portfolio Reports per month.  If, say, you use all 100 Fund Reports in a month, but only 10 Portfolio Reports, you cannot exchange the 10 unused Portfolio Reports for additional Fund Reports. If you hit your monthly limit of one type of report, but need more reports of that type, you may purchase supplemental report credits.

If I start with a Basic subscription can I try out some Portfolio Reports before I decide to upgrade to a Professional subscription?2023-04-18T11:22:45-07:00

Yes. Although the Basic subscription does not include a monthly number of Portfolio Reports, every Basic subscription allows a one-time free trial of 2 Portfolio Reports.

To get an idea of what a Portfolio Report looks like, here is a sample.


How can I change my subscription plan if I need more (or fewer) reports than I originally anticipated?2023-04-18T11:50:09-07:00

You can easily change your subscription plan by visiting

Your new subscription will be effective with your next billing month (on the next date where your recurring monthly payment is charged). If you need more reports in the current month than are provided in your current plan, you can purchase supplemental report credits at the above link.

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