Some Early Comments That We're Proud Of

"The costs of owning mutual funds have an enormous influence on the net after-tax returns investors receive. Wise investors will use this excellent site to get the cost information they need to make good choices."

– Burton Malkiel,
author of the classic
A Random Walk Down Wall Street (7th edition)

"I was the Chief Economist at the SEC when we wrote our cost calculator. By including data, comparisons, and tax effects, you have done a terrific job. We thought about this problem for a long time, and wanted to include such things, but it was beyond our resources at that time. Keep up the good work."

– Dr. Erik Sirri, Babson College,
former Chief Economist,
U. S. Securities and Exchange Commission

"Personal Fund has leading-edge tools to help you allocate your assets properly, keeping your investments in line with your goals .... a mandatory bookmark for anyone who's serious about managing stocks and their portfolio's mix"

Online Investor
"13 Sites That Put You Above the Crowd"
(Personal Fund was site #1)
November 2000

"This is the coolest tool I have ever found for diagnosing a mutual tells you everything you need to know to make the right comparison."

co-host Pam Krueger on TechTV program The Money Machine
October 16, 2000
(check out the video clip!)

"A Blue Chip Pick ... Personal Fund is a must-see site for anyone with significant assets in mutual funds..."

Online Investor
July/Aug 2000

"It's a good idea and well-executed ... keep checking back for additional investing tools"

May 29, 2000

"[] brings you the best fund expense calculator on the Web..."

"Best of the Web"

February 2000

"[] does more than simply point out expensive funds, it offers solutions..."

Knight Ridder News Service
December 26, 1999

"To see how your current fund's expenses cut into your future gains, check"

Jane Bryant Quinn
December 20, 1999

"Fund Site of the Month"

Mutual Funds Magazine Online,
December 1999  

"An extensive site for someone really interested in digging into fund costs"

Wall Street Journal
November 1, 1999

"This site performs two new and essential services: It provides investors with important information that could potentially save them thousands of dollars; and, in so doing, it spurs competition, pressuring high-cost funds to lower their prices."

– Consumer Federation of America

"[] has outdistanced [Vanguard] in communicating the high costs of mutual fund investing ... This impressive Web site offers investors the most complete turnkey analysis on the "cost handicap" of owning mutual funds ... Throw in [its] easy-to-read synopsis of mutual fund investment tips, and it's an unbeatable combination for thoughtful investors.
October 7, 1999

"How hard do costs hit fund returns? [This] new Web site has the answers."

Worth Magazine
October 1999

"Site of the Day"

PriceWaterhouse Coopers
Tax News Network
September 20, 1999

"If you buy or sell mutual funds, go to [a] site that calculates the true cost of owning a mutual fund. The cost analysis also compares the mutual fund of interest to several others in the same investment category. The experience can be an eye opener. Take a look at this site before your clients do."

Financial Services Online
September 15, 1999

"So how much does it really cost to own that sizzling technology stock fund? And what will it cost you down the road? [] furnishes answers. ... The results are instructive."

The New York Times
September 12, 1999

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